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As an Early Childhood Educator, beading became a way for me to express my creativity after my day. Now, named after my daughter, Two Rose Beading is the way I choose to share that passion with others. As a Skawahlook First Nation Community Member I believe that beading is not only a hobby but also a way to nurture the soul, calm the mind and connect with culture. My focus is on providing quality materials and reliable service so that you can create beautiful and unique pieces for yourself and others. I hope you enjoy 

my website and see the possibilities for yourself!



As an indigenous-owned small business, I am committed to celebrating and promoting indigenous culture through craft. My business began with a simple idea: to share my love for beads with individuals in my community. And now, we have grown to become a supplier of beading supplies, both within Chilliwack and beyond. I maintain a well-stocked and diverse inventory, catering to beaders of all skill levels and interests.


Two Rose Beading is the ultimate destination in Chilliwack for beaders looking for high-quality supplies. I offer an extensive selection of beads, tools and accessories to help make your project a success. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, I will help you find what you need. Visit my website and see why Two Rose Beading is the local destination for beading enthusiasts.

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